June 01, 2024

Booyah, New Month (and Happy Pride!)

Wow, I lasted almost two weeks not posting anything here. Real life / day job crumminess got in the way, as it always does, and my way of coping was to fling myself onto the bed and pass out. I did finish my rewatch of Dead Boy Detectives, though, and fell in dorky love all over again plus I'm done with the final touch ups for The Dubious Commode, and I'm looking to submitting the final version to Draft2Digital this weekend. 

And a few more words about this book...

It's easily the least dramatic of the entire series with the angst levels dialed down. I wanted it to be an unapologetically upbeat farewell to Prue and the gang, and any conflict comes from a distant source. The book blurb will give you an idea exactly where, and because of that distance, the humor isn't as tempered by sadder stuff such as what the previous books have explored in their own way. 

Alas for me, it's proving to be a challenge putting together a gallery page for the book. I've already gone over a pretty succinct (at least I hope so) account of how I picture some of the main characters, and now I've decided I'll be diving even deeper and going over the roots of my love of epistolary fiction. More on that once the gallery page is up and running, of course.

Oh, and Happy Pride Month to my LGBTQ+ friends out there! Enjoy this amazing moment of Catholic insanity courtesy of Claire (yep, she came out as lesbian in the series, and the moment is posted here [word of advice: wait for a short but awesome comment from Da Gerry at the end]) and the gang. 

I'm itching to rewatch this series as well. Stumbling across random snippets on Youtube is really stoking the embers of my love for Derry Girls.

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