Book List

In addition to my bookstore, this page provides an updated and comprehensive list of my published books along with descriptions of the different collections they fall under. New titles will be added as they come. All of the books under each collection are arranged from oldest to the newest.


These are all standalone long novellas of 50,000 words each. The plots, themes, and tone vary from book to book, and the stories range from classic ghost stories to vampire fiction and every creepy thing under the gothic umbrella. Historical fiction, historical fantasy, fairy tales, contemporary fiction, and contemporary fantasy -- the books also cover a variety of settings.

  • A Castle for Rowena (ghost story / gothic horror / gay gothic romance)
  • The Rusted Lily (ghost story / gothic horror / gay fiction)
  • Primavera (reincarnation / ghost story / contemporary / gay love story)
  • The House of Ash (vampire fiction / gothic horror / gay gothic romance)
  • Nightshade's Emporium (gothic fiction / mythology / gay romantic comedy)
  • Voices in the Briars (gothic fiction / fairy tale / gothic horror / gay gothic romance) -- coming soon
  • The Perfect Rochester (gothic fiction / mythology / gay romantic comedy) -- coming in 2025
  • Compline (gothic fiction / fairy tale / gothic horror / gay fiction) -- coming in 2025
  • The Twilight Lover (ghost story / gothic horror / gay fiction) -- coming in 2025
  • The Bells of St. Mark's Eve (gothic fiction / folklore / gay romantic comedy) -- coming in 2026


This is a series of humorous epistolary novels and novellas for the sequels. The setting is Victorian England with a hint of fantasy worked throughout, and the books are collections of journal entries and letters written by different characters, the main plots revolving around a misanthropic but filthy rich widow and her young gay nephew who's also a medium. The primary focus of the books is ghost fiction though subplots also abound. The first five books make up the original series, and they are novels. The rest of the books are sequels and are long novellas of 50,000 words each.


These three novels are standalone stories that are only loosely connected via the setting, which is an AU Victorian Europe where each country has its own guardian patron saint and a band of supernatural protectors. The primary setting is Bohemia though some locations are also used. The subject also carries throughout the collection, and that is desperate wishes made on cursed objects with a dark, supernatural entity influencing the choices made by the wishers. This collection is finished as is.


This is a series of books that take place in a fictional modern-day California city. It's a contemporary fantasy dealing with ghosts, curses, and other occult subjects, and its primary function is to provide a modern-day counterpart to Arcana Europa. The first book is a novel, and the two subsequent books are novellas. This series may be updated with new stories down the line, depending on whether or not ideas will come to me. However, it's safest to consider the collection finished as is.


This is a collection of standalone gothic romance novels all taking place in an AU Victorian Europe. Each novel takes place in a different country, and the overarching theme involves region-specific magic and supernatural events. Ghost stories, vampire fiction, and curses are also region-specific, and the universe is one in which same-sex relationships are commonplace with marriage being a part of the culture.


This is a contemporary gay YA superhero series I previously released through small presses. It takes place in a fictional California city and is a coming-of-age comedy. The original trilogy, released individually before, is now republished in one large omnibus, and the sequels are republished as single volumes. All books are available in digital and print formats.


These are all republished gay YA and gay New Adult books. Novellas and duologies are all released as single-volume omnibuses and anthologies. In their republished forms, two novels in particular (Banshee and Icarus in Flight) were given either an extra scene or epilogue at the end, while the rest are left as is, reflecting their previous versions. The books cover a wide range of themes and settings, from historical to contemporary, realistic to fantasy, fairy tales to sci-fi, with tones that also run the gamut from comedic to dramatic and everything in between.