Book News


Please note that my Goodreads bibliography is not accurate because it includes so many short stories and editions that are no longer available. For the most updated and comprehensive list of my published work, my author page on Books2Read is the only place to go.

In addition, after a long struggle maintaining a social media presence, I've decided to remove myself entirely from all platforms. I will miss the interactions and other fun and interesting moments, but I've never been very good at such things, being more of a solitary type who prefers to listen and watch from a distance. My "last stand" was on Mastodon, which has been a true eye-opener, a platform that showed me it's still very much possible to be online without the baggage of a centralized space. It's also from Mastodon where I rediscovered my affection for DIY site-building using some good old self-taught HTML, which eventually led to the creation of my recent static site, which I also unfortunately had to give up.

So for those of you who've kept up with me all these years since 2008, thank you so, so much for your dedication and especially your patience, slogging through my back list with all the highs and lows of my writing. It's absolutely humbling knowing someone out there is willing to take a chance on me, and I'll forever be grateful to all of you. Thank you.


My newest release is Nightshade's Emporium, which is published under the Grotesqueries collection.

This is a contemporary novella that's my own play on Greek Mythology, and it's also a romantic comedy. I figured it's time to lighten the mood a little following four gothic horror / gothic romance books that are pretty dramatic and serious. It's my plan to bring in more humorous stuff down the line for variety.

You can go here for the book blurb and links to different bookstores. It's 99 cents in e-book format and $9 USD for print. It's also worth noting that the publication date has been bumped up from April 1 to March 1.


Ada and the Singing Skull is now available! It's the second long novella sequel to my five-book epistolary fiction novel series. As with the previous book (The Heart of Ameinias), this one will be episodic but will still follow a logical timeline.

As with my other books, even the long novellas, this is available in both e-book (99 cents) and print ($9.00). Any price changes in the print book will be noted here. Go to the book page for the blurb and the link to online stores. If you purchase a copy, thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy it!


The image below showcases my planned releases for 2024. If you've visited my site before, you'll see a change in the release dates. My original plan to settle down to a more comfortable schedule of a five- to six-month publishing calendar has all been shot to hell, thanks to a sudden (unexpected, yes, but certainly very welcome) surge of energy and a positive view of the future. 

As you can see, there's been a good deal of shuffling around and calendar-adjusting, and both Nightshade's Emporium and The Dubious Commode have enjoyed a bump forward to an early release. For now, Voices in the Briars has a TBA stamped on it, but it'll likely be out in December of this year given the momentum I have with the other books.

Naturally, this will also affect the calendar for 2025, and I'll be posting that here eventually though updates on that will be posted at my blog. At the moment, I'm looking at the following sequence for 2025 -- that is if my current energy and inspiration levels hold. It's safe to say this will be tweaked as I go along, but as a bit of a snapshot, this is what I have planned:

There are no projected dates, obvs, and those will be updated the closer we get to the end of this year.

2024 will also see the last book I'll be writing for my Ghosts and Tea collection. The original series actually runs five books long (novels), while whatever follows is a long novella sequel. As it stands, I only have enough story ideas for three sequels, and I'll quit while I'm ahead and not draw the series out unnecessarily. At any rate, Freddy and Prue's adventures will continue well beyond the end of the last book, and it's safe to say, everything will end happily for everyone when the final book comes out.