Book News

This page contains all publishing news for both new releases and upcoming titles. Other significant changes involving my calendar, book availability, etc., will also be posted here as well as my blog. 


Three mega-novels from my Arcana Europa collection are 50% the e-book price all through March. 

GUARDIAN ANGEL (gay New Adult, gothic horror, gothic romance, historical fantasy, ghost story, app. 150,000 words) -- $2.49 (USD)

THE FLOWERS OF ST. ALOYSIUS (gay New Adult, gothic horror, gothic romance, historical fantasy, dark fantasy, app. 140,000 words) -- $2.49 (USD)

HELL-KNIGHTS (gay New Adult, gothic horror, gothic romance, historical fantasy, vampire fiction, app. 140,000 words) -- $2.49 (USD)


My newest long novella of 50,000 words is now available in e-book and print formats. Primavera is the third book under the Grotesqueries heading and is an expansion plus overhaul of the short novella I self-published some years ago. This newer (and final) version includes new side characters as well as a more detailed exploration of Paolo's life in the 18th century in flashback chapters. The climactic scene in the church's side chapel as well as the erotic epilogue are kept with very minor tweaks (mostly deletions of unimportant passages).

The e-book price is at 99 cents, and the print book is at $9.00. Go here to purchase a copy from any of the online stores listed.


The first sequel to my Ghosts and Tea series will be out on June 1st. As with the rest of my books from this point onward, it's a long novella that will be priced at a very reasonable 99 cents for the e-book. 

All of the sequels will be episodic in nature and, unlike the original series, won't be following a story arc. It's all just fun, ghostly stuff with more humor and hardly any drama since we've already dispensed with the more serious family-centric issues in the series. 

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