May 20, 2024

All Hail Long Weekends

Right. I'm off work today, and that means finishing up what's left of edits for The Dubious Commode, which is then followed by the manuscript's upload to Draft2Digital for store listing. Woot! I've also started on the print file and am on the last step, but I'll be holding off on that in case I spot random errors I missed and will need to re-upload the manuscript. If I jump right in and publish the print book, I'll need to pay to update it if I don't want to wait 90 days for that free change feature to kick in. 

Anyhoo, here's the blurb:

Another wave of suspicious calm follows Freddy and Jonathan's successful solving of the singing skull mystery, which means Fate isn't quite done with the lot of them. Prue carries on with her beloved priory upgrades, stocks up on Felicity's products (arcane and otherwise), and endures the trials of being still of the living world. Freddy and Jonathan are madly in love with each other as ever, their bond growing stronger by the day.

Things appear to go swimmingly for a time, indeed, with Jonathan's workaholic publisher paying Hoary Plimpton a visit for health reasons and Mr. Headley entering the picture with a dragon's hoard of romantic smut for aunt and nephew alike.

But Brody's artistic gift comes under unexpected scrutiny, threatening a horrible shakeup in the priory and a permanent upending of everyone's lives. Then Mr. Headley decides he'd dearly love to be haunted and acquires a few oddities with ghosts attached to them.

Family isn't immune from drama, naturally, as Linford's increasingly panicked letters suggest. Lucinda's trapped in her spiritualist retreat where ladies' pocketbooks are gradually draining their contents, and Antigonous involves his committee in the mystery of the haunted antique commode. It's a haunting that baffles everyone, forcing them to resort to a few foolish and drastic measures to get to the bottom of things—even reconsider old prejudices against the very people who hold the key to ghostly mysteries.

Prue and Freddy's madcap ghostly adventures conclude in this final installment of the Ghosts and Tea series.

As always, the digital book is priced at 99 cents, and the print book at $9.00. I come cheap, what can I say? Once the online bookstore links are live, I'll be posting them here. In the meantime, I need to get going on the gallery page for the book.

In other writing news, I'm roughly 1/3 done with Voices in the Briars, and more story ideas are coming hard at fast at me with regard to future books I already have in the pipeline. One of them was worked into the plot of The Twilight Lover, which changes its setting a little but certainly for the better since the original idea was a bit tired and overdone (at least in terms of what I've already written). Time for an upgrade, and I'm sure this'll work much better. 

Of course, that might also mean a possible change in cover art, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Otherwise, my publishing calendar remains steady, and no shuffling around is in the future as far as I can see. 

EDIT: Ayup, here we go! The book page over at Books2Read is up, and the list of stores will be added to the closer we get to the release date.  

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