May 11, 2024

Y Tho? (Or: When Fandom Takes a Whack at My Kneecaps)

And just when I thought the coast was clear, someone decides to slap me hard with a fan made video splicing together scenes from Dead Boy Detectives with Vincent Lima's "Orpheus". Because OF COURSE THEY WOULD, AND THEY DID. And for those who've seen the entire first season of the series, you'll know exactly what I mean when I shake my fist at the cosmos and wail, "Motherfucker, that's a low blow!" Goes straight for the jugular, I'm telling you.

Because it's Saturday, it's a gorgeous day to kick back and relax, but since the Orpheus reference is a valuable detail in the show, I'm now drenched in tears and snot instead. 

All joking melodrama aside, it's a spectacular edit though it only uses about 3/4 of the song (you can tell it cuts off too soon), but that said, the point isn't just made, it's hammered home with a rusty spike and a mallet into my heart. I absolutely love it. This is a very short blog post that's just here for fans of the series, of which I count myself one (out and proud about it, I am). BTW, I've also started my re-watch, and the fun hasn't abated.

Okay, okay, okay. Since I'm on a DBD kick and hit you all with a tearjerker of a video, I figure I might as well balance things out with a crack one. Really, I'm pretty impressed with how fans edit videos to come up with some amazing results. I've seen a few crack videos in the past, and the results are understandably hit or miss. That said, this one for DBD really had me howling, and that was unexpected but definitely appreciated.

This is what happens when I've got way too much extra time after breakfast and before I leave for the bus stop for another week of day job drudgery.

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