June 04, 2024

'The Dubious Commode' Gallery Now Up

Finally! The gallery page for The Dubious Commode is finally up and running, and you can go here for some bits o' stuff behind the book as well as the entire Ghosts and Tea series. The final version of the manuscript has also been uploaded to Draft2Digital for e-book and print publishing, and it'll be out on July 1. Farewell, Hoary Plimpton! It's been a blast through and through. 

In other news, I'm roughly halfway through Voices in the Briars and will need to get going on the brainstorming front for The Perfect Rochester. And even though I'm always sorely tempted to look far, far into the future with possible story ideas, I'm fighting the urge and will keep to what I have currently set up all the way to The Bells of St. Mark's Eve. 

At this rate, I'll probably find myself getting way ahead on the writing front until I'll be more than 6 months out for my WiP's publishing calendar. But yeah -- I know I tend to go back on my resolution whenever the wave of energy and motivation hits me, so I'll have to remember (or remind myself) that three books released per year are my maximum. And so far that's what's set for this year and next. The Bells of St. Mark's Eve will kick off 2026, and it's a blank after that for the time being. 

Well, at the very least, I'd like to keep writing through the end of 2028, which will mark 20 years of me writing and publishing. I'm not going to jinx myself, though. I'll keep writing until I run out of things to say, and then I'll bow out gracefully. I don't see that happening anytime soon, but I'm growing more and more aware of my limitations as I get older. 

You know how it is. In this instance, reducing my output will be to my benefit, and with any luck, I won't be turning back on that again once I decide on it. But, hell, who knows?

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