February 19, 2024

What Follows Next: 'The Perfect Rochester'

The book's main premise was already established in Nightshade's Emporium, so taking that thread and making something out of it isn't as though I'm starting over. Out of all the books I have planned coming up, this is the one I'm most confident in. It's not a sequel. It's going to be Narcisse's turn to tell his story, but in his case, the point behind his finding his HEA will involve issues of self-confidence and developing trust in other people, and references to his dilemma in finding his beloved are worked into the other book's plot.  

Anyway, here's the cover art:

I tried to stick to the lighter, cheerier color scheme that Nightshade's Emporium has but at the same time give it its own character (naturally). The title is part of a line that Viktor says to his twin toward the end of the book, and I thought it suits Narcisse's journey. The tone will be the same as Nightshade's Emporium, and some of the events in this book will be taking place simultaneously with Viktor's troublesome efforts at understanding his purpose and the role Myles plays in everything. But as I've said before, this book as well as Nightshade's Emporium are standalone novellas and don't require anyone to read both to understand what's happening.

Now as for the release date, it's going to come after Compline as noted previously, but as always, the calendar is fluid.

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