February 20, 2024

'Nimona' For Everyone (Limited Time, Methinks)

Okay, so Netflix decided to drop Nimona on their Youtube channel so more folks can see it for free -- and without ads. Here you go:

One might speculate as to why Netflix decided to do this, and I'm guessing it's because they wanted to generate more buzz with the Oscars coming up. The movie's nominated for Best Animated Feature. Plus I just learned it also won a couple of Annie Awards (Best Voice Acting for Chloe Grace Moretz and Best Writing) in addition to making the shortlist for a slew of different categories for the Annies. So kudos to everyone behind the film.

I watched it when it came out on Netflix last year, and I loved it. Still do. I also watched it again on Youtube, and none of my initial reactions have changed. That movie went there. And it needed it to go there, I think, and I'm so glad the filmmakers didn't shy away from such a heavy theme.

From what I know, this freebie is only for a limited time, but don't quote me on it. I think it'll be up for another six days? That's the rumor I heard, anyway. So for anyone who doesn't have a Netflix account and is interested, have at it!

EDIT: The video's now unavailable (updating this post on 2/27), so there you go. 

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