February 18, 2024

Looking Ahead Because I Work Like a Machine

Maybe it's the INTJ in me (that's my MBTI type), but I'm methodical and borderline clinical when it comes to planning out my publishing calendar. For better or for worse. I might be rigid in my approach to a lot of things, but I'm still human enough to allow myself some wiggle room for unfinished projects and hopeless efforts. I just dump them and forge ahead with replacements. 

So! This post is all about upcoming stuff but no calendar dates. I know the rest of 2024 is still pretty fluid as it should be, so there's still a chance I'll succumb to the pull of high energy and excitement should I end up finishing The Dubious Commode early (which I think I will, by the looks of things). And if that's the case, there'll be more adjusting coming your way with Voices in the Briars possibly getting published at the end of this year. 

Before anything else, though, I changed the cover for The Dubious Commode, and here's the updated version:

I actually found a really great image that I desperately wanted to use, but it didn't tie in as well as I'd like with the rest of the book covers in the collection. However, I may be using it down the line. The final effect is pretty hilarious, but again, it didn't work with the collection's aesthetic.

In addition to that update, I have cover art for three upcoming books, one of which is for Madrigal's replacement, Compline. The other two books are in varying stages of planning. 

The Twilight Lover is a full-on expansion of a gothic horror short story I wrote ages and ages ago, and The Bells of St. Mark's Eve is a story idea that's been in seed-planting mode for the longest time. I've gone back and forth with that book over the years, but now that I'm finishing up the last of a series, I'll be free to play with standalones again in long novella format. I can't wait. 

So none of those books have calendar dates attached to them for now. And that's because the follow-up (not a sequel) to Nightshade's Emporium still needs to be outlined and be given a slot. I'm guessing it'll come out after Compline, and then The Twilight Lover and The Bells of St. Mark's Eve will follow. That said, the books in the banner above will be coming out no earlier than maybe March of 2025, but as to how far apart they'll be spaced out will depend entirely on the same factors I've been going on and on about here. 

I'll definitely post the cover art and title for the follow-up to Nightshade's Emporium soon. I'm pretty confident with that book since a foundation's already established the story's universe, and I'll just be picking up some of the threads and weaving a new story with them. It'll be fun, and I really look forward to going back to the world of the Nightshades again.

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