June 25, 2024

Nosferatu (2024) -- And on Christmas Day, Too!

Oh, God, I hope this is good. I haven't been impressed with recent adaptations of Dracula (don't even get me started on the Netflix "re-imagining", which I had to DNF after the first episode). No more talks about the Coppola version, either, however faithful it might be to the source (marginally, folks -- there ain't no love story in Stoker's novel)*. 

I'm really loving the visuals here, and I hope, hope, HOPE nothing gets romanticized. I don't know how many folks out there are devotees of vampire lore and would love to see revenants depicted as they were in folklore (reanimated corpses), but if the studio in this case hopes to appeal to a mass audience, a PG-13 rating will likely be in store for us. I don't know. I've grown leery when it comes to adaptations of Stoker's novel, but I still hold on to hope that a fantastic take on the book and on vampire lore is within my lifetime. 

So I'm hoping big time that this one will be the one to break me out of the (self-made, admittedly) dumps. It does look dark and gorgeous in all the right ways so far as an updated take on the classic German film. Fingers crossed. 

* phenomenal soundtrack, though!

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