June 23, 2024

From Charm to WTF

Funny how the mind works sometimes, drawing bizarre AF connections between disparate things and coming up with something so different from the inspiration source's purpose. And as a heads up, this is me looking two books ahead now that the finish line for my WiP is in visual range. 

So behold this video, which came out back in 1985. Love the song, love the video, thought it's such a charming yet melancholy take on time and adulthood. It was also one of my first ever 45s I  purchased as a sixteen-year-old.  

I think you can guess where I'm going with this.

The theme (as I interpret it) involves maturity and the loss of easy and careless joy -- which one experiences in childhood and adolescence -- as one grows older, and the weight of life bears down on them. And Belouis Some (Neville Keighly -- had to look up his last name) is something like the Pied Piper, drawing adults' younger selves out for a final dance. Most return to their older selves while a handful follow him into the sunset. Dancing, of course.

Lots of darker stuff being stirred in my head when I watched this video and reread the fairy tale, of course. Since I've done a semi-deep dive into the lore and the possible historical sources of the fairy tale, I've been introduced to some pretty somber events and fascinating theories, and I'm planning to run with what I can take from all those. 

That said, of all the sources and interpretations of the legend, Belouis Some's video planted the seed that to me is the most fruitful of everything I've seen and read. Ayup, pretty bizarre considering the vast difference in tone and subject between the video/song and the story I'm set to write, but it's too fun and crazy to ignore.

And in case visitors need a quick heads up, I'm referring to Compline, my next fairy tale gothification (as I call it), which will be written after The Perfect Rochester and which will come out next year (looking at the moment at July 1 of 2025). Fun stuff all around!

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