March 17, 2024

The Rabbit Hole, It Calls to Me (Translation: "I'm SO Late to 'Young Royals', It's Not Funny")

Damn it. I'm teetering on the precipice here, finger hovering above the "play" function for Young Royals on Netflix, and I wasn't planning to do it. I've already talked about not bingeing any shows (no more time, no more energy), but this show is tempting me. It doesn't help that so much buzz has been thrown at fans over the third and final season, the last episode dropping tomorrow (including a one-hour documentary behind the scenes or something like that). 

I can sit down and plow my way through multi-episode shows like Derry Girls, Cunk on Earth, and 1670. If anything, those were so far the only series on Netflix I actually binged -- because they're all comedies, and the humor's just up my alley. A perfect match. If Netflix produced all four seasons of Blackadder, I'd do the same thing. 

But a multi-season series drama? And a pretty complex one at that? I'll dive into it, but it will take me a dog's age to go through a single season. See: Bodies. That said, Young Royals has some of the tropes I love in a LGBTQ teen romance / love story. I've already seen the first episode of the first season (yes, I'm THAT LATE to the party), and I'm sitting on the next. I want to adopt Simon so badly, and that's all from just one episode, and I want him and Wilhelm to ride off into the sunset, the crown be fucked. 

I've been spoiled by episode recaps, and I'm cool with that. Considering how long the series has been on Netflix -- with Netflix constantly recommending it to me after I watched other queer films and series (i.e., Heartstopper), it's inevitable that I'll be spoiled. At any rate, yes -- I'll be watching Young Royals from start to finish, and do excuse this tortoise as she plods toward the finish line, which I reckon will be sometime in the summer if I stayed consistent. 

Hey, who knows? I might get so sucked into the plot that I'll end up harpooning my way through the series without even realizing it. I did just that with Heartstopper, by the way. 

In other news, I've updated my Book News page, at last, with new banners for upcoming releases. The 2024 calendar shows three books, and the 2025 banner also shows three but without dates since things are so tweakable right now, there's no justification for any projected dates that far out in advance. The banners also show the sequence of releases as well as an updated cover art for The Twilight Lover, which I'm also furiously writing notes on in my notebook. 

I've never been hit with this many story ideas all at once before, so my poor notebook's been getting a workout, but it's a good workout. I only hope the momentum I'm enjoying right now continues as will the energy levels. Really, after nearly four years of practically dragging myself from one book to another, this unexpected surge is like drinking cold, fresh water after being in near dehydration for so long. 

So, yes, I'm ecstatic beyond words. Hey, maybe picking my way through Young Royals will feed the fire and keep it going.

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