March 18, 2024

As They Say Where I'm From: "Crikey!"

Well, not really. I'm not from the UK, but that's a good word to sum up this day. My commute home was not without weirdness -- like the bus breaking down and sitting on the shoulder of the freeway. Yeah! Good thing the bus driver was super chill and so were the passengers, and we all just sat around and stayed safe while waiting for our "rescue bus" to come pick us all up. 

There's a first time for everything, and this was the first time I've had my bus break down on the freeway. But you've got to roll with the punches, and happily I was too distracted by my phone and social media updates on the final episode of Young Royals, so it's safe to say I'm spoiled once again by those ecstatic posts, and I'm thrilled. 

That's the good thing (maybe the only good thing?) of spoilers: I'm reassured, and I can move forward with the series with a clearer idea of what makes the characters tick, both main and side. I've got to admit the biggest hurdle I faced when I finished the first episode was August and his smarmy douchebaggery. Did I really want to sit through more of his crap? Is it worth the trouble? But with the second episode giving me some necessary backstory for his character, I'm feeling more open to putting up with his shittiness. 

And knowing how his arc ends adds extra layers to my viewing of the earlier seasons. I might loathe his character, but I also know there's a lot more to him than what's so blatantly obvious. Same thing with Felice (but she's not a doucehbag and is also shown to be caring and understanding toward Sara after Sara admits to having Asperger's). So a lot of things to unpack, and it's only the second episode. 

Of course, there's the main couple in Wille and Simon (or Wilmon in fan circles). Again, knowing how their story ends adds something extra special to my viewing of their initial meeting and the awkward way they keep dancing around each other while inching closer. Oh, my heart. 

It's safe to say I ain't bingeing this puppy, though, but everyone already knows that. I'm incapable of doing that now that it's proving to be a series that'll require every ounce of my attention and every minute of my time. I'm not complaining one bit, no, but I ain't getting any younger, and I can only chip away at a slab of marble with a plastic spork. I'm definitely in it for the long haul, though, even if I feel really stupid fangirling a series that's been around and has established a dedicated fanbase well before I was made aware of its existence. 

Anyway, if I do pepper my blog with a few random updates on my viewing of Young Royals, you'll know why. Bear with me, please, as I'm reconnecting with my college-aged self (the earliest point in my life when I'd have developed a full and, hopefully, mature appreciation of a series like this) and will be prone to occasional giggly outbursts that would be mortifying coming from someone my age. Well, age is a construct, anyway, right? Right. 

EDIT: As an addendum, I'm out of the house twelve hours a day, five days a week. And my weekend's spent catching up on chores and errands with a healthy dose of writing on the side, hence my dismal series-viewing record. Adulting's such a buzzkill.

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