January 21, 2024

Nightshade's Emporium: Polished, Submitted (For Good), and Gallery'd

Okay, so "gallery'd" doesn't exist, but I'm still riding a wave of high energy and higher mood, so I'm making up shit as I go. At any rate, to further celebrate the completion of Nightshade's Emporium, I finally got the book's gallery page done for you. 

The gallery ends with me hinting about a possible sequel down the line. It's true even though I also took care to end the book in such a way as to make it work just as well as a standalone. If you read the book, you'll know why I say that the situation can go either way. 

I spent the past week giving the book a few more rounds of edits, so I'm even happier than before with the final results. And looking forward, I'm hoping to get started with The Dubious Commode next weekend. I'm also brainstorming like crazy for Voices in the Briars, and I hope all that planning and stuff doesn't come around to bite me in the ass because I have a tendency to overthink things. Then before I know it, the plot's completely mangled beyond recognition, and I'm either forced to start over, or I end up with a story wildly different from what I originally wanted. 

Incidentally, the latter result tended to happen when I wrote novel-length fiction. I think limiting myself to nothing but 50K-word books is helping me keep my focus since I don't have the luxury anymore of really exploring a story. 

Oh, and as a POSSIBLE book following Voices in the Briars, I'm looking at a revenant infestation, but this time it'll be another dark comedy. That's if I don't move forward with a sequel to Nightshade's Emporium, of course. 

EDIT: I updated the Book News page with the new release date in the calendar snapshot section. We're good to go.

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