January 14, 2024

Nightshade's Emporium: Done and Done

And the book's done! Everything went well, which is kind of terrifying, but I'll take all the good luck I can get. I know better than to question fate. Anyway, here's the blurb:

When the kindly old ferryman to the underworld injures his ankle, primordial gods come together to help guide the newly departed to their final journey. To make the task more interesting to the deathless, a quaint little shop hawking ephemera becomes the vehicle through which breadcrumbs to the underworld are scattered. All this is a temporary situation, meant to end when the broken ankle is healed.

It sounds easy and simple enough. Or so it seems.

The Nightshade family, headed by Barbara Nightshade, the most feared matriarch of an eternal bloodline, are dragged into the twenty-first century from their comfortable existence in Chaos. And it’s through this shop and their day-to-day dealings with mortals that the children—now young adults—learn something new about themselves.

Time moves differently in Chaos, and maturity drags for primordial gods. Now that Viktor and his twin, Narcisse, have turned twenty in immortal years, their physical forms scramble to catch up. Hormones are roused, hearts learn to feel, and minds struggle against prejudices learned through the centuries, and, boy, is it a pain.

It’s a sore trial especially for Viktor when he crosses paths with a sweet and shy potter and finds himself behaving quite out of character. There’s something else at work here, however. Something meant to guide him down a road he refuses to travel—a road where love comes with a price tag too dear even for Death to pay.

True, there are perks to being immortal, but no one outruns Fate.

This book, as noted previously, is my take on Greek Mythology. In this instance, I zeroed in on the primordial gods since they're the original gods, the Big Bads, the ones no one fucks with. In this book, though, they're a dorkier Addams Family, and the humor is deadpan and dark. It's contemporary fantasy, and I did add an introduction to explain some of the wee bits in the plot that might throw readers off -- especially those who love mythology. To quote myself (har!), I played fast and loose with Greek Mythology, and nothing was sacred in the course of writing this.

And in reference to what I said in the post just before this one, I decided to bump up the release date to March 1 from April 1. I'll be tweaking the calendar snapshot section on the Book News Page of my site soon.

The next book on this year's calendar still has the October 1 release date, but considering the adjustment in the calendar for Nightshade's Emporium, that one's not etched in stone and may still be bumped up as well. Essentially I'm doing these adjustments on a case-by-case basis, not on the overall calendar since things can still happen between now and then, and delays end up throwing a wrench or two into things.

And so I'm celebrating by messing around with my site and switching background images like I occasionally do. I'm one of those who utterly dislike the homogeneous visuals of today's websites, and after tasting the fun anarchy of old-school DIY html via Neocities and my old static website, I'm back to celebrating character and uniqueness. I guess that's where reverting to an old, old and basic blogging platform can benefit me. I can get away with as much character as I can, making my site look weird and even wild if I wanted to. 

So, yeah -- yay, new book!

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