January 01, 2024

A Bonus New Year Post: Site Updates

Before I'm once again lost to the real world and the day job, here's a quick site update. My book gallery page is up, and it follows the format it used to have at my now defunct static site. So there's a main gallery page with links to individual galleries exploring all the long novellas I've written and published so far.

Again, please note that only my long novellas are going to be highlighted since that's the length I'm now focusing on. That also includes the three long novella sequels to the five novels under Ghosts and Tea. 

To go back to the main book gallery page, all you need to do is click the link on the navigation menu. Each page has a moodboard (save for Ada and the Singing Skull -- but that's going to change sometime soon) as well as visual aids and a video showing either a musical inspiration or a TV adaptation (such as in the case of A Castle for Rowena). 

Before I moved back here, only half of the books had gallery pages, and I'm not going to mince words when I say it was a pain in the ass, putting them together using a DIY-old-school-html site. Blogger might be problematic to some people, but it's a godsend to those like me whose tech skills are severely limited. 

Anyway, the book gallery page is now complete and updated with all of the long novellas I've published to date. Go here for the links, and I hope you enjoy the visit!

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