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16 May, 2023

Now Available: 'The Heart of Ameinias' (a 'Ghosts and Tea' Novella)

Here it is! The first sequel to the Ghosts and Tea five-book series is finally available in print and e-book. 

And here's the blurb:

A peaceful spell falls on Hoary Plimpton following a rowdy time around Jonathan Beverly's birthday. Unfortunately for the residents of St. Grimald priory, a peaceful spell means the inevitable unleashing of ghostly drama, family drama, and culinary drama that will shake the foundation of a venerable sanctuary.

As summer draws to a close, bringing with it Freddy Bisset's much-anticipated twentieth birthday, Prudence Honeysett finds herself neck-deep in household troubles with her housekeeper taking ill and unable to follow through on her plans for a celebratory banquet. Then here comes the perfect Jonathan Beverly and his insidious news of more ghostly hauntings needing Freddy's special touch as a medium.

Two gentlemen haunt two different places, but there's more to them than meets the eye, and it's up to Freddy, Mr. Beverly, the hapless Brody, and the ever-noble Velasco the horse to unearth the answers to a tragic mystery. In the meantime, family drama continues to brew in the background as Freddy's father emerges from the shadows of psychic hoaxes and justice. And a guilt-ridden housekeeper is determined to overcompensate for missing her beloved master's birthday.

A collection of humorous journal entries and letters continue to recount Prue and Freddy's adventures in the first sequel to the Ghosts and Tea epistolary series.

I did try to write the book to make it less dependent on readers needing to go through the previous books in the series, so I hope it works out. It does begin in media res (naturally) for the benefit of those who've slogged through the novels, but I tried to make the recounting of past events as unobtrusive as possible in order to strike a good balance between too many flashbacks and not enough for the new reader.

The novella clocks in at exactly 50K words, and the e-book is priced at 99 cents while the print book is at $9.00. Thanks so much for sticking around and helping me push forward, especially when energy and motivation levels flagged here and there. And if you do purchase the book, I hope you enjoy it!

And, yes, I'm still holding on to hope that I do manage five novella sequels for an even ten books in the entire collection, but as always, we'll see what happens. 

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