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11 May, 2023

A Haunting In Venice | Teaser Trailer | 20th Century Studios

Oh, HELL YEAH. I can't wait for this! I actually stumbled across this trailer over at Rotten Tomatoes, and it not only got me way hyped but also reminded me I've yet to see Death on the Nile.


I rented Murder on the Orient Express a year or so ago and enjoyed it enough -- admittedly it's one of those mysteries that I have to read the source material for in order to appreciate it fully, but I've also seen enough adaptations to know what's going on. That said, I'm not a fan of this story specifically, no matter who adapts it and stars in it. 

But A Haunting in Venice ticks all the right boxes for me. Love Venice as a setting for a gothic horror (got introduced to that via Don't Look Now, which is one of my favorite horror / suspense films in spite of the gratuitous sex scene), and anything to do with ghosts will always have my attention. Now as to whether or not I'll actually go for every ghost story that comes my way is another matter entirely, but I'm more likely to dig deeper when it comes to classic haunted house films than, say, slasher films. 

One thing I do notice that's threatening to dampen my enthusiasm for this movie is the depiction of the ghost. I mean...

Ever since The Ring, I've been seeing SO MANY female ghosts with long, stringy hair either half-covering or fully covering their faces. Really, guys -- there's more than ONE way of depicting restless spirits. Even when I look for images I can use for cover art? I do a search for "ghost" or any variation of the word, and half of the images in my search results show the same *beepbeepbeep* stringy-haired girl ghost. 

Not scary. No. There's nothing scary about something that's obviously not an original idea. So those glimpses of the girl ghost in the trailer made me cringe a little, I have to admit, but I'm still looking forward to watching the movie either in the theater or via streaming as a last resort. Hopefully it'll be the theater since as of late, I haven't been stirred enough to check out my favorite blockbusters from Marvel. I guess those days reveling in superhero fun are over, but my interest in entertainment just experienced a shift.*

And I'm rambling. Jinkies.

* caveat: Blade. That's the one Marvel film I HAVE to watch.

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