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30 April, 2023

'The Heart of Ameinias' Release Date Pushed Forward (Woot!)

Okeedokee, I made good a threat (!!!) regarding my scheduled release for The Heart of Ameinias. Instead of releasing it on June 1 -- traditionally my spring/summer release date for any book -- I'm pushing it forward to May 16. I've already updated Draft2Digital with that change, and I also got the print book set up to release on the same day. 

So yay! Earlier than originally planned, but that's the good side to getting so much stuff done sooner. And with The House of Ash winding down, I expect this to be just as fluid when it comes to the calendar date of Oct. 1 (my fall release for any book). Sure, it might be a bit of a bummer as it's very much a Halloween-friendly book, but I'm not going to get myself stuck on trivialities like that. If it's good and ready and there's lots of wiggle room, I'll push it forward, too, and adjust 2024's calendar accordingly.

In fact, the weekend I get going on the revisions and edits, I'll also begin work on the next sequel to Ghosts and Tea (Ada and the Singing Skull). I think the overlapping writing schedule works the best for me though working on two books at the same time is much more preferable than three like I managed to do before (though working on three books at once is the reason why I'm way ahead of the game right now). 

I do have a relatively complicated pattern of writing I religiously follow on the weekend. I'll look into Madrigal and Voices in the Briars again like I promised and will be messing around some more with the calendar. And I'll be posting the live link to The Heart of Ameinias once the 16th rolls around.

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