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01 April, 2023

Blurb: 'The Heart of Ameinias' (Edit: Plus Pre-Order Link)

Woot, woot! Got the blurb done (and survived)! 

A peaceful spell falls on Hoary Plimpton following a rowdy time around Jonathan Beverly's birthday. Unfortunately for the residents of St. Grimald priory, a peaceful spell means the inevitable unleashing of ghostly drama, family drama, and culinary drama that will shake the foundation of a venerable sanctuary.

As summer draws to a close, bringing with it Freddy Bisset's much-anticipated twentieth birthday, Prudence Honeysett finds herself neck-deep in household troubles with her housekeeper taking ill and unable to follow through on her plans for a celebratory banquet. Then here comes the perfect Jonathan Beverly and his insidious news of more ghostly hauntings needing Freddy's special touch as a medium.

Two gentlemen haunt two different places, but there's more to them than meets the eye, and it's up to Freddy, Mr. Beverly, the hapless Brody, and the ever-noble Velasco the horse to unearth the answers to a tragic mystery. In the meantime, family drama continues to brew in the background as Freddy's father emerges from the shadows of psychic hoaxes and justice. And a guilt-ridden housekeeper is determined to overcompensate for missing her beloved master's birthday.  

A collection of humorous journal entries and letters continue to recount Prue and Freddy's adventures in the first sequel to the Ghosts and Tea epistolary series.

The book will be out in e-book and print form on June 1. And for those new to my stuff, my e-book pricing is pretty straightforward: 99 cents for books up to 50K in length, $2.99 for books between 50,001 and 100K, and $4.99 for everything longer than 100K words. And since I'll be writing and publishing nothing but long novellas now and forever, all of my new e-books are 99 cents. Easy peasy. 

I'm still tweaking the manuscript, but the preliminary revisions and edits are done, and it's just a matter of final sweeps before the book comes out. 

EDIT: And we have a pre-order link! You can go here to check the list of online stores, which will continue to increase as we get closer to the release day.


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