07 March, 2023

Calendar (2023 and Beyond)

For this year, here's what you need to know:

these are the books and the finalized dates for their release

I'm considering turning my four-month calendar (three books a year) to something more like a five-month schedule or even a six-month schedule if that doesn't pan out as well as I've hoped. With my focus now being strictly on long novellas of 50K words and working on them only on the weekends, I average around three months for a book to be written in its initial draft, which also includes light editing and revising that happen along the way and which helps me a lot when the actual revision / editing rounds finally happen.

The five-month calendar will yield two books one year and then three books the next and then back to two the year after that. The staggered annual calendar will be good, I think, and that'll give me extra time to ease up and take a break in between projects in the event I get a book done a lot sooner. Ye olde brain needs it. 

There'll still be the alternating book release, so when I follow the five-month schedule after The House of Ash, it'll look like this:

  • March (2024) -- Ghosts and Tea novella
  • August -- Grotesqueries novella
  • January (2025) -- Ghosts and Tea novella
  • June -- Grotesqueries novella
  • November -- Ghosts and Tea novella
And so on and so forth. If I run out of story ideas for a collection, it'll be Ghosts and Tea considering how many books have been written already for that series plus all the stories take place in the same setting and use the same characters. As much as I love Prue, Freddy, and the gang, their stories are finite, but I'll make sure to mine every possibility their universe offers because they're just too much fun. Grotesqueries, on the other hand, will continue indefinitely since each novella is a standalone. Anyway, I'm just putting this out there for everyone's benefit -- as well as mine, I suppose.

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