12 March, 2023

April A - Z Blogging Challenge

So there's this fun, helpful challenge that's been going on for years now: the April A - Z Blogging Challenge. It's meant to help writers keep the creative wheels turning, but of course not everyone participates for that reason. I'm curious, I admit. I'd love to try it out but adjusted to my ability to keep up considering my time and energy limitations. 

I know I'll never get something posted each day (save for Sunday). If I do jump in and play in the sandbox, I'm looking at a much more widely spaced weekly schedule, which means my take on the challenge will last me the rest of the year. I'm doing this outside the group and am following my own rules, so no pressure, at least. 

As for the theme, I'm not even going to go there, but I'll be posting mostly random stuff -- anything to do with the books I wrote / am writing (inspiration, process, etc.) and a host of stuff that interests me on the whole. I think that'll be a good way of getting myself back into personal blogging and ensuring this site doesn't get neglected. 

I'll still be blogging in a vacuum and won't be sharing links elsewhere to my posts. I'm taking my online rehab seriously, and so far it's been a very good experience. But as far as the blogging challenge goes, even though I'm not going to constrain myself with rules, I'll make sure to at least follow a set schedule every week. I'm thinking of Wednesday for the post to go live. 

Also -- if you tried to access this site yesterday, my domain wasn't working properly since I was attempting to set up a single-page all-purpose site, which gave me too many problems to be worth it. My poor domain got dragged from Blogger to the site and back, and it took time for everything* to settle down and work properly again. 

Lesson learned. I'm not moving from here.

* Clearly I'm no techie since I know nothing about the workings of domain names, transfers, security certificates, what have you. I'd refer to them as domain thingies, but I'm already embarrassing myself by using "everything" in reference to all the tech wizardry that goes on behind the scenes.

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