26 February, 2023

To Print or Not to Print

I recently received a message from Draft2Digital regarding an increase in print book prices starting in March or maybe even April (can't even remember the date -- go me). That's going to be a real bummer as I've just set up all of my books for print through their print program (a partnership with Ingram), and the prices were pretty difficult to come up with since I tried my best to make them as affordable for readers as possible, which meant way less royalties for me. I'd hate to bump up the prices again, frankly, and if I don't see any other workaround, I'll have to delist my books. 
And what that means is that I'll either have to move back to Amazon's print program for that service, or I'll simply not offer any of my books in print format. It's always good to give readers options, but for someone like me (a terrific Tumblr post correctly called writers like me low-income writers), who's lucky to sell one print book a year, there's really no call for print books, which justifies the second option of simply delisting my books for print. Anyway, I thought I'd put this out there as a general warning to readers. My print books may vanish altogether, and that might not be a bad thing in the end.

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