01 February, 2023

Now Available: 'Primavera'

My newest story in my Grostesqueries collection is finally out! As with the other long novellas preceding this one, it tops out at exactly 50,000 words (always a target length for me and good news for readers, price-wise. It's available in e-book (99 cents) and print ($9.00) at different online stores.

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Here be the blurb:

Coming out to his parents may have burdened him with unfortunate difficulties, but nineteen-year-old Adam Sheridan didn't expect a sudden flood of nightmares and fragmented dreams to ruin his nights and threaten his mental health. But there's a reason for these dreams, these baffling images of people and moments from a time and place that have never once crossed Adam's mind. As these grow more and more insistent, triggered by harmless little things in his day-to-day movements such as a co-worker's whistling, a framed print of an old painting, and even a quick escape in an old church, Adam realizes these are really memories surfacing.
Memories from someone who lived three hundred years ago, in fact. A young man such as himself who once harbored hopes and dreams—all of which were lovingly recorded in a journal—who fell in love with another, and whose life was cut tragically short. But for what reason? And how? As Adam navigates through the murky and risky waters of living in a household bent on stifling his nature, his dreams call him back to the old church again and again. It's there, in a small and silent side chapel dedicated to the Virgin, where the answers lie. Answers guarded closely by the mournful specter of a man who has known Adam through the centuries.

This book started out as smutty short story which then got expanded into a short novella, and I decided to overhaul it completely into this current and final form. New side characters are introduced, almost all of the original content save for the climactic chapter in the church and the erotic epilogue are gone and replaced with a more developed story for Adam.

And that's it -- if you do check it out, I hope you enjoy it, and please do leave a review if you can. It'll help me greatly. Onward!

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