26 February, 2023

My Online Rehab Continues

My poor domain's getting dragged left, right, and everywhere else as I try to find a cozy little nest for myself that isn't a walled garden. So this is an experiment for me in that I'd like this place to be my main online space free of influencers, algorithms, AI bullshittery, and whatever else. It's a drastic withdrawal from everything I've grown used to over the years because I'm basically just posting in the void, and it's a matter of adjusting my expectations when it comes to discoverability. 

I shouldn't expect it. Not when my blog's completely detached from any social media platform. But it does enjoy the benefit of an open comment system as well a pretty flexible platform that'll allow me to turn it into a static website if I were to decide that it'd be best for me to limit my blogging updates to just release announcements. I can see that happening down the line since I work full-time at my dayjob, and it's not as if I hate my job and hope to write full-time someday. I'm open to adjustments as I go along, playing it by ear all the way and not guaranteeing anything (a character flaw of mine that I need to improve on).

Parking my domain to this site is easy since it's a Google domain, and Blogger's owned by Google. Now it's a matter of making sure this site stays updated and relatively active with new content but without the pressure of performing or looking clever because I'm not clever by any stretch and would just like to share things I love without the dogpiling or the passive-aggressive shaming that I've experienced elsewhere.*

So, yeah. Let's see what happens from this point on. 

* Now you all know why I've been reticent when it comes to talking myself up elsewhere.

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