28 February, 2023

Blue Savannah (2009 Remaster)

I swore to myself when I reactivated this blog that I'll use this personal space to celebrate things that make me happy. Erasure is one of those, and this song holds a very, very special place in my heart.

I listened to Erasure's music obsessively while writing my first ever self-published book way back in the late 1990s. It's no longer in print, and it was published under my real name. It was also not very good on the whole, but it was a valuable lesson for me who was trying to go about the self-publishing route without much of a guide. Everything was a fumble -- but a fun and exciting fumble. It was a bright, shiny, uncharted world, and everything good was possible. My love for storytelling was suddenly given legitimacy.

This song, in particular, is somehow tightly connected to the book and those heady early days of writing and publishing, especially the final chapters, because it was a feel-good gay romance that simply tied in with the song's romantic message. I love Erasure, I love this song in particular, and it never fails to make my heart hurt from so many good memories and associations even when I was flailing like crazy from start to finish.

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