20 January, 2023

Out With the New, In With the Old

This article went viral over at Mastodon recently: BRING BACK PERSONAL BLOGGING (THE VERGE)  

And there's been some really good conversation over there regarding personal blogs, which got me thinking about my online space and how I use social media -- which I now, sadly, loathe with a couple of obvious exceptions: Mastodon and Tumblr.

I've started my "online rehab", so to speak, with Mastodon, and given the article and the exchange happening in reference to those days of yore, I'd like to get my blogging mojo back. As long as I stay as far away as possible from places like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., where influencers rule and self-indulgent theatrics dictate how you spend your time rubbing shoulders with virtual strangers, I'm good.

Lots of important lessons to be learned or even re-learned. Also lots of habits born of years of social media use need to be undone and left behind. A Mastodon user's elegiac post about a writer who just posted his final blog entry because he's dying of a terminal disease really ground a few things home even more where keeping personal blogs is concerned.

I'd love to pick up where I left off but also make sure to do it without algorithms and reblogs and notes in mind. Not being as young as almost everyone here does color my perspectives quite a bit, and I'm ready to unlearn things.

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